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Erasmus students are offered final works (winter and summer semester) and courses (only summer semester) in English. The topics of final projects must be in line with the research and teaching activities of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (please see the description of Institutes) and must be agreed before signing the Learning Agreement. The students are supervised be experienced Professors and can use university laboratories for project purposes.

The following listed courses are available for Erasmus students only in summer semesters depending on the number of students willing to participate. If your require more information about the course availability, contents and ETCS points, please contact Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. .

Institute of Applied Mechanics (
•    Biomechanics
•    Strength of Materials
•    General Mechanics
•    Engineering vibration
•    Introduction to engineering application of the Finite Element Method
•    Introduction to automation

Institute of Materials Engineering (
•    Structural aspects of fracture
•    Fundamentals of material science

Institute of Machine Design (
•    Machine design
•    Technical drawing and AutoCad

Institute of Automobiles and Internal Combustion Engines (
•    Combustion engines
•    Automotive Structures
•    Fuel Combustion

Institute of Thermal and Process Engineering (
•    Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Plants
•    Engineering Thermodynamics
•    Fluid Mechanics

Institute of Production Engineering (
•    Additive Manufacturing
•    Ecology and Environmental Management
•    Fundamentals of machining
•    Micro and Nano Manufacturing Processes
•    Modern trends in machining
•    Simulation and CNC technology
•    New developments in manufacturing technology
•    Interpersonal communication
•    Project management
•    Work safety and ergonomics
•    Production and Operation Management
•    Industrial robots

Institute of Computing Science (
•    Programming C++ and Java
•    CAD Design

Institute of Rail Vehicles (
•    Enterprise logistics systems
•    Virtual Prototyping of Rail Vehicles

Institute of Power Engineering (
•    Heat Transfer
•    Thermal Power Engineering
•    Steam and Gas Turbines
•    Hydraulic and Wind Turbines
•    Environmental Protection
•    Renewable Energy Sources
•    Energy Problems

Laboratory of Technoclimatic Research and heavy working machines  (
•    Hydraulic and pneumatic drive and control systems

Programs and Courses - 2009/2010 PDF Drukuj Email


BSc Degree  (Prospective Undergraduates):
-  in Mechanics and Machine Design
    PROGRAM description

 -  in Computer Science
    PROGRAM description
Course titleEngineering Graphics
                     Object Oriented Programming
                     Modelling and Visualisation

- in Mechanical Engineering and Power Engineering
Course title
Alternative Power Sources
                      Engine Thermal Loading
                      Technology of Clean Combustion

MSc Degree  (Prospective Postgraduates):

- in Mechanics and Machine Design
Program title: Advanced Computational Mechanics    
PROGRAM description
Program title: Computer Aided Design in Mechanical Engineering
PROGRAM description
Course title:   CAD 2D Systems
CAD 3D Systems
                       Object Oriented Programming

Program title: Automotive Engineering
Course title
:  Fuel Feeding Systems for an Internal Combustion Engines

- in Transportation
Program title: Transportation Management and Railway Vehicle Engineering
                       PROGRAM description

- in Mechanical Engineering and Power Engineering
Program title: Thermal Power Systems and Installations
                       PROGRAM description
Course titleThermodynamics
                      Strenght of Materials
                      Fluid Mechanics
                      Numerical Methods
                      Heat Transfer
                      Environment Protection
                      Computer Methods for Engineers
                      Renewable Energy Resources
                      Power Turbines
                      Heat and Power Plants
                      Heating Engineering
                      Analysis, Modelling and Design of Energy Systems
Program title: Combustion Engines
PROGRAM description
Course title Fuel Feeding Systems for an Internal Combustion Engines

Ph.D. Degree (Doctorate):

-in Mechanics, Machine Design, Material Engineering
Program title: Advanced Computational Mechanics
PROGRAM description